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The handsome Sable Antelope is an animal very well known across the world because of its extraordinary horns, but do you know all there is about this mammal? Below you can find out some interesting facts about it.

What Is It?

One of the larger antelopes, the Sable Antelope is a majestic mammal known for its dark black coat in males and the warm red-brown coat in females and the young. Another one of the standout features includes their massive horns which can grow up to a huge 100cm on females and a staggering 165cm on the males. They also have thick manes on their necks that stand up which have been said to potentially protect them against attacks from predators. Either way, it adds to the animal’s distinct aesthetic which is recognised across Africa.

What Does It Do?

Their huge horns are used for males to fight for dominance of territory and a herd. They’ll kneel down and interlock horns while trying to overpower their opponents. Not many of these fights result in deaths as it’s more of a show of strength than it is a killing match. However, when it comes to predators the Sable Antelope is rather brave and will attack those trying to get at it especially when cornered. You can get a glimpse of this handsome animal when visiting grasslands and woodlands in the savannah.

Interesting Facts:

  • They might have dark fur but the underparts of their bodies are white
  • They are herbivores that eat grass and leaves
  • They are found in southeast Africa – Kenya to Northern South Africa
  • They can run at up to 57kmh
  • They live in herds consisting of females, their young and one male
  • A newborn calf will be hidden for about 10 days before being introduced to the herd
  • Its predators include the lion, hyena and leopard


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