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Are you an avid bird watcher? Then a visit to the Kruger National Park to catch a glimpse of the weaver bird will certainly be appealing to you. Most well known for their immaculate nests, both the birds and their homes are a sight to see. There are several species of the weaver bird, however, in this blog, we’ll be focusing on the ones found in southern Africa.

What They Are & What They Do:

As their name suggests, they are birds related to finches that weave intricate yet hardy nests to live in. They tend to prefer living in savannahs and aim for trees that are sparse in branches, to deter predators like snakes from climbing up to their nests. Like most birds, they use natural materials to construct their nests, such as grass, twigs, leaves, etc. and they are particularly efficient at tying knots in the materials they use. All of this adds to the structural integrity of the nest which ultimately leads to the males attracting females during mating season. There are also groups of social weavers who build large nests that can accommodate a colony of weavers. These types of nests look like haystacks in large trees. Within these massive structures, the birds have rooms, the innermost chambers will hold heat while the outermost ones are cooler, allowing the birds to warm up in the evenings or cool off during the day.

Interesting facts

  • Male birds can be polygamous and will build multiple nests during mating season
  • The nests are built by the male weaver birds to attract females
  • If a female does not approve of the nest, the male bird will tear it down and begin the process again
  • Their knot tying skills help them create these elaborate yet safe nests
  • Like most birds, it’s the males that sport the bright colours while the females are brown
  • Their nests are orb shaped with a tube entrance at the base of it – this helps keep predators away and also keeps the nest dry when raining

Would you like to see these birds and their wonderful nests? Visit the Kruger National Park asap! We’ve got accommodation that you’ll love, so get in touch with us today.